Wagerlogic Slot Machines

March 4, 2018

WagerLogic Slot Machines belong to one of the oldest online casino software on the Internet. Wagerlogic's software was first used at Inter Casino in 1996. You can find many exclusive game in online casinos powered by Wagerlogic. Wagerlogic has the license for release of some popular games which use the theme of Marvel Comics.

Wagerlogic has one of the largest selection of online slots you will find anywhere. They have all the basic slots, such as classic, bonus, progressive, multi-line, 5 reel, and progressive. Wagerlogic has many exclusive slots that are some of the most popular on the Internet.

  • Wagerlogic 5 reel slot machines
  • Wagerlogic classic slot machines
  • Multiline Wagerlogic slot machines
  • Wagerlogic bonus slot machine games
  • Wagerlogic progressive jackpot slot machines

The most popular slot machine games they offer are the Marvel jackpot video slots. These progressive slots each feature a marvel character, with over 15 different character slots. The feature 3 progressive jackpots called Marvel, Super Hero, and Hero jackpot. These is no winning combination to hit a jackpot as they pay-out randomly.

Frightmare video slot machine is a set of slots exclusive to Wagerlogic casinos. The feature 3 progressive jackpots with a monster theme. The slots are Vampire Bats, Witches and Warlocks, and Zone of Zombies.

The other exclusive slot machines are the Movie Mayhem video slots. These progressive slots feature 4 different jackpots. These jackpots are awarded randomly during the second screen bonus game. The slots feature the movie mayhem theme are Fantasy Realm, Sunday Classics, Silent Screen, and Outta Space Adventure Slots.

Wagerlogic slot machuines available at 6 Wagerlogic powered casinos. These casinos are Inter Casino, Parbet.com Casino, Vip Casino, 3 Diamond Casino, One on One Casino, and Playboy Gaming Casino.

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