Hold Reels Slots

December 17, 2019

If you have ever played the older slot machines and are familiar with them, then you know this will not apply. However, with the newer machines the "nudge and hold" cheat is available. Always remember to not make it too obvious! Here is how:

  • Slot machines are designed for the players to lose, its just the nature of the game. When the machine offers you a nudge, more times than not, it is going to be for less than what you need to win. Lets say if a bar is one the line and two bars are above the line, the machine will offer you only one nudge.
  • Now the machine is thinking that you will take that nudge, but you have to confuse the machine because that is what this is all about. Confusing the machine. Thats how you get paid. So, do NOT take the nudge.
  • What you want to do is take the bar that is on the line and move it up to the other bars. This throws the computer off even more.
  • This is where the machine will offer you a "hold" option. Decline it. If you do what machine expects, then it goes back to square one. The machine automatically has to fix itself by spinning into a 3-symbol winner.
  • All you have to do is nudge the lowest win to position and if you are offered a hold then ignore it. Just spin your way to a winner! Just remember to not draw attention to yourself!
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Sun Of Egypt slots Slot Reels

Sun Of Egypt

  • Soft: Booongo
  • Reels / Lines: 5 Reel / 25 Line
  • Type: Hold Reels, Free Spins, On Reel Game
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
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777 slots


  • Soft: RTG
  • Reels / Lines: 3 Reel / 1 Line
  • Type: Hold Reels,
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
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Dragon Pearls: Hold & Win slots

Dragon Pearls: Hold & Win

  • Soft: Booongo
  • Reels / Lines: 5 Reel / 25 Line
  • Type: Fixed Lines, Hold Reels, Free Spins, Re-Spin
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $0
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Ghouls Gold slots main

Ghouls Gold

  • Soft: BetSoft
  • Reels / Lines: 9 Reel / 3 Line
  • Type: Bonus Round, Hold Reels, Arcade Game, Second Screen Game
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $15
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Back in Time slots main

Back in Time

  • Soft: BetSoft
  • Reels / Lines: 9 Reel / 8 Line
  • Type: Hold Reels,
  • MinBet / MaxBet : $0 - $40
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