Slot Machine Types

When it comes to types of slot machines you will find many choices of what game-play you are looking for in a machine. Here is a look at the most popular types that online slots casinos have to offer.

Progressive slots are a group of machines that a certain percentage of every bet goes to the progressive jackpot pool. This jackpot is randomly won by one of the machines that belongs to that group of slots. Some progressive slots are linked to one spanning several online casinos. You can also find progressive jackpots on individual machines though they are not as common as group ones. You can find a slightly different version of progressive slots. These slots work the same way as regular progressive ones, but the jackpot in awarded at random and not by hitting a certain set of symbols.

Wheel-of-Fortune slot machines gives a twist to traditional slots. When the winning symbols appears on the slot machine a wheel comes on screen and spins giving the player a chance at winning the jackpot or other bonuses.

A multiplier slot game usually has a small or no jackpot, but the payback for extra coins is a multiple of the payback for a single coin. You can also win a multiple of your money by hitting a special symbol on the winning pay-line.

Nudge slot machines gives the choice of letting the play change the result of the reels. A player may move (nudge) a wheel forward or backward to get a certain combination of symbols on the pay-line. This can turn a losing bet into a winner.