Slot machine Articles

How to play slot machines
The slot machine has several spinning wheels marked with symbols. Each time the handle is pulled, these wheels come to rest with a random selection of symbols.

Modern slot machines
First slots machines were mechanical devices. The selection principle was an independent spinning of each reel which were vertically disposed on a common axis.

Online slot machines
Of course there are physical differences, but in reality there is no technical difference between slots online and land-based slots when it comes down to the way they work.

Slot machines Variations
We list some parameters that can be used while describing a slot machine.<

Slot machines Machine Types
In modern casinos, gamblers will find a wide variety of slot-machine types. Some of them are described below.

Slot machines Odds
First slots machines were mechanical devices and the odds of such machine were determined by the number of reels and symbols on each reel. The selection principle was an independent spinning of each reel.

Slot machines Myths
There are many myths relating to slots, and here we list some of them.
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Slot machines Strategy
Like for any game of chance, there is no real "slots strategy" to learn. There are only some simple rules and if you follow them, you will give yourself the better opportunity of winning and having fun while playing slots.

Slot machines Machine Types 2
There are three main types of slots: flat top or basic slot machine, progressive, and video slots.

Slot machines Terminology
Like so many games in the casino, slots has its own terms, and as players we are better off being familiar with them.

Online slot machines vs. Land Based slots
A great deal of attention has been paid to the world of online gambling lately, as government, industry, and the population at large try to understand difficult issues such as locality on the Internet.

Why would you play slot machines to win big ... when table games have a lower house edge?
Those who play slots do so for a number of reasons, but one reason stands out from the rest. No other game gives you the opportunity to turn one small bet into a life-altering win.

Progressive slot machines ... Smart Ways to Play
Progressive slots offer jackpots that grow as more money is played through the machine.

Slot machines& Payback Percentages
slots are easy to play, but you shouldn't do so blindly - read our slots primer.