How to play Slot Machines

February 20, 2014

Slot machines are the most simple casino game. Before playing always look at the machine's pay chart. It will tell you the various way you can win. You should know how many coins and what symbols you need to play to hit big jackpot or win a bonus. You first insert your coins then select how many lines and coins you are playing for the spin. Once you have confirmed your bet you will click on the virtual handle or the spin button. The result of the spin will be shown after all the reels stop. You will then find out if you are a winner and you can then start the process over. Sometimes in video slots you will then have a choice to play a bonus game before moving on to your next turn. When you are finished playing the machine make sure you collect your credits by pushing the "cash out" or "collect" button.

When playing slot machine games you should find one that fits your bankroll. Machine can range anywhere from a penny up to $500 a line. To get maximum play from a machine you need to look at how many lines you can play plus the cost per line. For example, it costs less per spin to play a $1 machine with 5 lines over a nickel machine with 100 lines.