Thanksgiving slot Machines

The benefit of using an online casinos extend to the holidays. As a graphical item can be inserted online for minimum cost, many online casinos will insert pictures to connect with the holiday. For Thanksgiving, many sites created Turkey themed and Thanksgiving themed machines. Thanksgiving slots machines in online casinos were quite popular amongst gamblers as well.

Thanksgiving Feast Slot Tournaments

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Approximately seven reputable online casinos held Thanksgiving Feast Slot Tournaments, and some are even extending these games through the month of November. The game of choice for this tournament is Wheel of Chance and the grand prize pool is a whopping $100,000! In addition, four other various casinos are offering Thanksgiving day slots through November 26th with 5-Wheel Reel of Chance being their game of choice. There is no entry fee and one $150,000 prize is guaranteed. These two online tournaments were merely a select few in the slew that were running Thanksgiving tournaments in celebration of this holiday.

Other popular Thanksgiving slots that were introduced just for the holidays included Turkey Time and Gobblers Gold. While many were out in the cold waiting for lines to open and spending all day on their feet shopping, others were increasing their winning potential through a variety of huge-winning Thanksgiving holiday slots specials.

Age of Discovery – Thanksgiving on the reels

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Another great Thanksgiving slot machine is Age of Discovery, a slot machine for Thanksgiving that explores the New World looking for pillage and plunder. Steal coins and credits, this is the game where Thanksgiving values are expressed in bounty, treasure and blood all over the place. It has fruit, turkeys, sailing ships and more gold than a pirate can fit in their booty. Pilgrims gone wild as they take the New World by storm is the theme of this slot machine.

If none of those sound fun to the spirit in you. Try one of these other Thanksgiving Day alternatives in the casinos. Freaky Wild West, Eagle’s Wings or Wild Spirit, then again maybe you just need to admit you have a gambling problem and be done with the whole game. Start playing for fun and you will end up playing for life.

Happy Thanksgiving Day and welcome to the casino lifestyle. Remember that every customer is a friend at our Casino, so lets talk turkey this season. Maybe you can gobble up a little more cash while you are waiting to play.

Play Thanksgiving slot games – Gobbler’s Gold

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Play Thanksgiving games and win a cornucopia of Thanksgivngs Day loot. If you can find the time between drumsticks and yams, then you need to spend some time on live casino machines for Thanksgiving.

Take a chance on your favorite themed games like Gobbler’s Gold, a game that is symbolic of the first blessed meal shared between the Indians and the Pilgrim settlers. Have a blast as the food fights take flight, pumpkin pies in the face are going fast, so are corn, apples, and turkeys all around the table. The goal of the game is to get as many pumpkins for the big pumpkin pie harvest feast, so collect all the pumpkin patch bonuses that you can.

Try the game, read review.