Slot Machine Tournaments

Slot machine tournaments work different from playing a regular slot machine on your own. Since tournaments have a set entry fee to enter. The advantage to this is you can only lose as much as what the entry fee is, unlike if you are playing slots on your own. Like when you play any slot game you will need some luck.

The way slot tournaments are played have different rules then if you were playing on your own. You will first be assigned a machine and time to play. You will then have a certain number of credits and time limit to play. Every spin you take will deduct the maximum bet. The big difference in tournament slot is you cant play with your winnings. For example, if you have 1000 credits you will only be able to bet 1000 credit. Any winning you would have received is calculated on a separate meter. If you do not spend all your credit when the time limit is over you will lose the remaining credits. Those who make the most money will win.

Some casinos will run free tournaments or tournaments that give all entry fees back in form of prizes. The casinos figure they will make more money on extras and playing other games while you are waiting for your turn to play. These are the best kind to play to get the most value for your money. Casinos will also run tournaments for profit, these are best to avoid. Since the casino is taking a big chunk of the entry fees the prize money and number of winners are much lower then other slot tournaments.

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