Free spins bonusess explained

There are many types of bonuses that might be available for the typical online casino gambler. These bonuses run the gamut from the common, such as initial load bonuses and free spins, to the exotic such as free prizes. When it comes to the free spins bonus the term is usually used synonymously with ‘free play’.

A free spins bonus is basically a chance to play a game of chance for free. Typically the game will be something such as roulette, a bonus wheel, or a slot machine. This concept can also be used to mean free play of any game, including a free lottery ticket, bingo card, or a similar game.

These bonuses are designed to reward a player for an action they took. These actions can be something as simple as signing up at the casino. The most common reasons this sort of bonus will be implemented and granted to a player are for initial sign-up, referring other players to the casino, and utilizing that specific casino in an active manner for an extended period of time. Sometimes a casino will have games that grant bonuses to winners. In such an instance it is quite possible to win a free game, or free spin.

The bonuses available at a given casino will change from venue to venue. The concepts behind those bonuses tend to stay the same. A free spin at one casino will only be available at that casino. However, many casinos have their own types of bonus that use this concept.

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