Why would you play slot machines to win big

One might question why would you play slot machines over a table game when the table games have a better odds of winning.

The big reason to play slots is that no other game gives you the opportunity to turn one small bet into a huge amount of money. When you play table games you might win more, but they will come in smaller amounts then hitting it big on a slot machine game. You can expect to win more overall too, as slots is the most popular game meaning that that number of wins that happen will increase.

When you play slots you might be risking a small amount, but you still have the chance to win big. With table games you would have to put up a lot of cash per hand over a long period of time to have a chance to win the same amount as a jackpot on a penny slot.

Your odds in slots might not be the best when it comes to casino games, but no other game offers you a better chance to win big.

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