Video Slot Machines

People might not realize but the terms video slots and online video slots refer to do different things. Video slots are what real life casinos called slot games that feature video play. Online video slots are slot games that look like video slots. Video slots are often 5 reels or more.

All video slots have an area where you have a selection of different buttons. From here, you can pick the number of lines you are going to play. After you make your line selection you can choose how many credits you want to play on each line. You will also find the withdraw money option and the ability to go to a help screen.

Video slot machines rise in popularity over traditional slots is how one can interact with video slots. Video slots gives you the chance to play bonus games and have other bonuses that are often animated. Some even have a story line or theme that adds extra excitement to each spin.

Playing online video slots gives you the most variety in machines. Real life casinos only have so much space to put slot machines, while online casinos have unlimited room for games. Some online casinos have over 200 different slots.