Standard Online Slot Machines

The standard slot machine is one of the slots types. As a rule, standard slot machines has classic symbols on the three reels: a seven, a single bar, a double bar, a triple bar, cherries, bell. The goal of the standard slot machine is to match the symbols on the active payline. The Standard Slots offer to play from one up to three paylines.

3 Reels and 1 Paylines is simpler playing experience for beginners. But it as well an easy way to win for skilled players. Because the standard slot machine pay prizes more often (the odds are better!), than video slot machines. But the maximum jackpots aren't big.

You can find the standard slot machine based around popular themes: Asian slots, Sport themed slots, Space Slots, Western Slots, Jungle, Animals, Americans, Irish and others.

Each online casino offers to play the classic slot machine. The most popular the standard slots are slot machines with progressive jackpots. Some progressive jackpot grows to million dollars on the standard progressive slots!

Some standard slots offer a set of bonus features. They are the fruit slot machines. Also they are named as UK slots, Pub slots.

Be advised, that some casinos have AWP slot machines, that look like Classic (Standard Slot machines), but it's another story, since AWP is different type of game.