Slot Machine Myths

When it comes to slot machines many myths exists. Here are some popular myths uncovered.

The myth that the more money you play the chance of you winning goes down. The truth is when the machine generates if the spin is a win it only calculates wins by the percentage of payback of the machine and cannot change that percentage based on how much is being bet.

People also think that machine run in cycles and that if you time right you can figure out when a machine is going to go on a hot streak. Slot wins are based on a random number generator and wins are not preprogrammed events.

Similar to the last myth, people think that if a machine has been cold it will get hot or if a machine has been hot it will go cold. Once again, a machine picks the results based on a random number generator. The machine does not care whether the machine has been cold or hot.

One big myth is that a casino has the ability to change the odds on a machine at anytime. The software online casinos use has the odds calculated into the software and the casinos cannot change it. That goes the same for land-based casinos as the processors that controls wins is manufactured into the machine before casinos receive them.

The biggest myth of them all is that you can find a system to beat the slots every time. When it comes to winning a slot machine will return the percent of money programmed to payback. In the long run a machine will pay less then it returns.