Online Slot Machines vs. Land Based Slots

Land-based and Online casinos have some things in common, but you will find many differences when it comes time to play the slots.

The biggest difference you will find will happen before you hit the real or virtual slots. The way you get comped is very different. When you are an avid slots player in a land-based casino you will receive some reward based on how much and how long you have played. This can be meal, hotel room, tickets to a show or discounts. When it comes to online play you are rewarded for playing at that casino and no on how much you play. Only casinos will give you a sign-up bonus in which they will match a percentage of your first deposit. Some online casinos offer matching bonuses of over 100%.

The way the slots machine works on both online and land-based is the same. Land-based slots are ran by a computer chip with a random number generator built in. Online slots use a random number generator that is built into the software.

When it comes down to experience of slots play you will find that online slots and land-based slots will have a different feel to them. The Graphics on online slots are on par with those video slots machines found in land-based casinos, but you will not be able to touch the machine and experience the flashy lights and sounds. The other big difference is the comfort factor. Online you can sit and play at any convenient location and on your own comfortable furniture instead of the stools of a land-based casino. When you play at a land-based casino and you want to take a break you have the chance of someone else taking the machine. Online casinos you can take breaks and not have to worry about losing access to your favorite machine.