Haunted House Slots

If you are looking to obtain new horror video slot machines, you need to check out the Haunted House, Halloween slot machines. This game has five reels and 20 paylines, giving you 29 winning combination options. You are able to insert anywhere from a single penny all the way up to five dollars, and there is a 20 coin limit.

With the bet you are able to win up to a 5,000 jackpot and a secondary jackpot of 2,500. There is a wile symbol of a haunted house. This haunted house allows you to combine it with other symbols to better off your chances of winning additional money through the game.

There is an autoplay feature, so you don’t need to always push “Bet” before every single turn. This speeds up the game play, allowing you to enjoy it more and even play multiple machines at the same time, without pushing any buttons.

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