Christmas Santa Paws slots Game

It’s Christmas once again, a moment to rejoice in giving and receiving and a chance to make some memorable memories of you holiday with some fantastic games. You need the mass Santa paws video online slot machine game.

This game is quite intriguing as it the only game where animals are dressed up for the occasion. What are the animals doing here you may ask. Well, these animals are motivational special effects that appear at every spin that possibly lead to special payout. The animal animations vary from penguins, bears, snow owls, seal and whales among other animals.

Its not just about animations, with the Santa paws Christmas slot machine game you can activate and deactivate free spin where you stand a chance of winning up to 12 free spins, real generosity this Christmas! Even better, you just need 2 wilds to enhance your chances of winnings and it gets even better, all the winning combinations are rewarded at a seven times multiplier value.

You truly need this game to lighten up your festive season. It’s a fair game as all the online slot games rules and regulations are clearly observed, faster and genuine rewarding system and having fun is the key objective of this game.


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