Boogie Monster – Halloween Slots with free spins

Boogie Monster Slots is a Bonus Video slots game, that is Halloween themed slot machine that feature symbols that range from Elvis all the way to wolfs! The game has 32 payout lines, and over 40 winning combinations, which is sure to offer anyone looking for a good time both winnings and enjoyment! The maximum bet on the machine is $200 and the maximum payout is 5000 coins!

There are two bonus features, the first bonus feature is the Fat Bat Scatter symbol, if you have three or more on your screen you are taken to the second screen where you are able to play the fat bat bonus game! If you hit three or more lamp symbols the other bonus feature kicks in which is a free spin feature slots, the user is given 13 free spins and takes all the winnings that they collect at the end for free!

If your looking for a good Halloween Slots Game, you should check out Boogie Monster Slots review, it has great payouts and awesome bonuses!


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